How to find us

By car

As there is no driveway to the house from Møllesti you will have to arrive by ”Ved Møllebanken”. Turn between number 10 and 12. See the red route on the map below. (You can use your GPS to find Ved Møllebanken 10 or 12). During the summer season part of the city centre is a pedestrian zone. In this case you will have to follow the yellow route on the map below.

By foot or on bike

Follow the waterfront from the ferry. Turn right at Havnevej. After 50 meters you follow Hovedgaden to your left. Turn right when you have passed Café Aroma. The road divides into two: choose Ved Møllebanken. Right after number 10 (an old building named ”Værkstedet”) you will see our sign, Møllesti Bed & Breakfast, and you can follow the arrows to the entrance. See the red route on the map.